Digital Maritime Journey


Our globalized world is connected through oceanic shipping lanes, which are supervised by a company called DNVGL, headquartered in Høvik, Norway. Through this 360° film, we explore the sophisticated technologies they use on their cargo ships, enhancing efficiency and maximizing safety when transporting goods from one place to another.






360° Film

An Immersive Experience

This film was created to provide an immersive experience for journalists, customers, and stakeholders at the 2017 NORSHIPPING TRADE FAIR. Featuring drone flights through Norwegian fjords and tours on hi-tech container ships in virtual reality.

Light and Magic

Complete with greenscreen shots, CGI visual effects, and binaural sound design, we employed cutting-edge technology to help viewers connect to the story of DNVGL, and the transformation of global shipping. We built a custom 6-camera system and flew SPHERIE’s proprietary drone technology to capture full 360° panoramas from the air and in the engine rooms of the ships.