Raspberry Kiss


An award-winning 360° music video to a psychedelic track by American band Naked Elephant.




Naked Elephant


360° Music Video

A Fresh Angle

An innovative 360-degree video format which allows the viewer to control their viewing experience and see every angle of the scene. It transports you into an elaborate fantasy world featuring hazy dance parties, elegant ballerinas and an impressive mansion set to the psychedelic track.

Behind the Scenes

With a cast of incredibly talented aesthetic dancers from the Vienna State Opera Ensemble, professional musicians, the freshest film crew you can imagine (SpiceVR), the craziest drone pilots, our chef-cook Markus and the hilarious guys of NOYSVR, we entered that castle in the Viennese landscape. We shot 3 days in the castle, 1 day in the historic State Opera of Vienna and 1 day at the East Hotel in Hamburg. The model Katharina Mazepa, accompanied by the brilliant Brielle Gearson and wonderful singer Kinnie Lane, lead us through the different scenarios of the story. Choreography, costumes and make-up by the gorgeous Julia Katharina & Miriam Lechlech.